LP Solutions Software


Better Building Begins Here.

LP® Solutions™ is an affordable, whole-house CAD-based design program extended to LP SolidStart Engineered Wood Products customers.  It is intuitive, practical and easy to learn. The most user-friendly framing and design automation software in the building industry, LP Solutions offers advanced optimization to prevent over engineering and maximize efficiency throughout the building process. And it is backed by training and technical support, as well as an online community forum for peer to peer sharing of ideas and information. Software features include: 

  • Object renderings that give the structure a life-like appearance
  • True editing in 3D, allowing for immediate error checking and reducing the opportunity for mistakes 
  • Framing and design automation 
  • Use a customized builder’s template or imported drawings from other drawing programs.
  • Parametric modeling lets you move, extend, change and rearrange designs while maintaining necessary connections and proper relations
  • Options management lets you create as many versions of a design as you choose
  • Floor System design, along with load transfer from floor to floor
  • Materials list generation
  • Links to machinery and accounting systems, as well as other business software, allowing you to streamline operations
  • Exports various 3D model formats for 3rd party rendering programs, allowing you to create stunning images of your model

For a live LP Solutions Software demo, please call [800] 515-7570 and Press Option #2 or email us at solutions.support@lpcorp.com.