Environmental Responsibility


At LP Building Products, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and approach them enthusiastically.

Nearly all of our products are made from wood, which is a renewable natural resource. But that’s only the beginning. We rely on strict procurement policies to promote sustainable practices among our wood suppliers. Almost all of the wood we use in North America comes from high-yield, fast-growing trees, which helps conserve other, older forests. And it’s procured under Sustainable Forestry Initiative® certification requirements.

We’re very active in forestry management, investing in reforestation, and monitoring the lands and operations that produce our wood supply in order to maintain wildlife habitat and water and soil quality. Our mills and manufacturing facilities use a comprehensive environmental management system to minimize waste and promote water quality.

Because our engineered wood eliminates the splits, knots and twists found in traditional lumber, there’s less waste and easier clean up on the job site. You can see why our products are so popular in today’s innovative green building programs.

We’re pleased that the results of all our environmental efforts continue to deliver real rewards for our company, our customers and our home planet.