LP SolidStart Wood-E Design Software


LP® SolidStart® Wood-E® Design Software is a convenient structural design program that lets you create accurate and efficient wall, floor, and roof framing designs using LP SolidStart I-Joists, LVL , and LSL products. This program enables the designer to analyze complex loads and multiple spans, as well as many other conditions. The graphic interface and Windows® environment makes LP SolidStart Wood-E Design Software easy to install, learn, and use. Click here to go to the Wood-E Design Software download page.

  • Can automatically apply both residential and commercial loads
  • Provides sophisticated performance checks using vibration analysis
  • Allows the designer to check holes in LPI Joists
  • Offers automatic calculation and application of wind loads on roof joists
  • Features both stud and column designs for exterior walls
  • Automatically applies wind loads to exterior wall studs and columns
  • User is able to design with or without “standard” hole and notches, allowing cuts to be placed anywhere within a range of locations in the member
  • Features tall wall design for heights up to 30’
  • Features interior column design 
  • Job based “batch” design capability
  • Electronic submittal of designs for review